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Russian Sage is the embodiment of an ideal steeped in compassion and determination to provide natural healing services through a deep understanding of your specific health needs. I work with a variety of healing modalities found under the umbrella of the holistic arts. Some of which may include herbal remedies, nutritional support, vitamin and mineral supplementation, flower essences, and exploring one’s life style choices.

My aim is to assist you to find your own sense of balance and well being by focusing on your personal vital force and energy flow.

I strive to help you THRIVE!

🍃 Nature Heals🍃

Services Offered

My goal is to provide my clients with tangible tools to guide them through their healing process.

My Personal Journey

Hello, I am Ksenya

Growing up in Russia and traveling around the globe have each taught me much about the wisdom of how nature and culture cross in an amazingly sufficient way to sustain life force in a gentle manner. For example, as a kid I knew that applying the leaf of the plantain to my scratched knee would heal the wound, or a tincture of Valerian or Motherwort in almost every woman's purse would help her to deal with the stresses of work and daily life. I also remember that my Mother used to apply raw cabbage leaf to her forehead when she had migraine headaches, and when my sister and I had colds and coughs, we routinely received cupping, and mustard applications on our backs. With these and many more folk remedies around the world, I keep returning to the truth that Nature Heals.



Laura Bedford, La Veta CO

My session with Ksenya was wonderful. The time she took to explore with me using her deeply intuitive nature helped hone-in in such a gentle way on what could be helpful. She incorporated a combination of supplements for the physical body and flower essences to support the subtle energy of the emotional body. While such remedies do not take the place of doing our personal work to undo the false (non-Divine) self and reveal the wonder of our Divine Light Self, they can help strengthen a sense of natural well being. Simply being around Ksenya is up-lifting. She may well turn out to be one of the first people I contact to support well being.


Jacqueline Muller, Boulder, CO

"Ksenya’s passion and knowledge of natural healing, her presence, care, and listening skills have accompanied me in a precise, professional, and gentle way, leading me to my own healing of body and spirit.


Kerry K. Pueblo, CO

In May 2020, I took a Nature hike near Pueblo, CO with two herbalists around a small lake where they introduced the tour group to dozens of wild plants that can be used for medicinal purposes. I was so impressed with the medicinal herbal knowledge that Ksenya O’Banion, a clinical herbalist, provided that when I became ill with an acute intestinal disorder, I called her and thus began a journey that ended with the complete restoration of health to my stomach/intestine. The acute intestinal disorder was very challenging and it took @ 3 months to restore my stomach and intestine to normalcy. Ksenya supported me through some major changes to my diet, which she laid out and which I have continued, and she provided me with herbal teas that completely soothed and healed my stomach and intestine and returned them to a state of health.

During this period of time, I asked Ksenya to address two other issues and Ksenya provided me with an ongoing regimen that provides stability and support for occasional anxiety. She prepared an herbal tea and tonic that I continue to take that enabled me to get off a pharmacy prescription that I had been taking for a few months.

We are now working on a nerve condition I’ve had for years and I use an herbal skin crème that Ksenya developed that provides relief. Ksenya and I continue to work together on this disorder.

Ksenya is highly organized, completely supportive and extremely knowledgeable. We developed a relationship that has proven to be highly beneficial to me and my health and she is truly a wonderful person in addition to having such great medical skills. I highly recommend her as a clinical herbalist and I have found this avenue of natural medicinal support far superior to modern medicine for certain conditions and I highly recommend Ksenya O’Banion as an herbal clinician.

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