Russian Sage Blossom

Designed with compassion and determination

My goal is to provide my clients with tangible tools

to guide them through their healing process.

*My services do not replace those of a licensed physician or any other licensed healthcare provider. As a clinical herbalist, I am not trained in the diagnosis and/or treatment of any disease according to the standards of medical science.


I am trained as a Certified Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist in the Vitalist tradition of western herbalism and nutrition. Vitalism is an approach to examine, investigate and remove obstacles to health on all levels – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. It incorporates all aspects of science, specifically physiology and pathophysiology, and equally values knowledge from ancient herbal traditions, empirical observation, instinct and intuition.

Our initial meeting will be a clinically focused session designed to review your health history. We will explore your physical, mental, and emotional states, holistically. Based on your health needs and goals, I will generate an appropriate protocol for you, including specific recommendations for any diet and/or lifestyle adjustments. We’ll also explore herbal medicines and/or nutritional supplements, if believed to be beneficial to help alleviate any particular condition, or to provide needed support or nourishment.

How to get started

New client (Intake) $75-$125 per one hour session (sliding scale based on income).

Please allow 1.5 to 2 hours for this comprehensive session.

  • Subsequent follow up appointments are typically scheduled for one hour; appointment times are prorated based on 15 minute increments
  • Herbal Remedies include and not limited to herbal tea formulas, tinctures, powders that are specifically designed to your personal needs and prepared in my apothecary with quality and ethically grown product

  • Flower Essences-are energetic remedies that are known to work with our emotions and affect them positively; human physical conditions deeply interconnected with our psycho-emotional life, therefore addressing ever-changing landscape of emotions with Flower Remedies play important role in my consultations

Consultations do not include any herbal remedies or supplements.

I have a professional discount on supplements via Full Script and will provide the direct link when we work together.

Please enjoy the client discounts by following this link here

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Russian Sage is the embodiment of an ideal steeped in compassion and determination to provide natural healing services through a deep understanding of your specific health needs. I work with a variety of healing modalities found under the umbrella of the holistic arts. Some of which may include herbal remedies, nutritional support, vitamin and mineral supplementation, flower essences, and exploring one’s life style choices.

My aim is to assist you to find your own sense of balance and well being by focusing on your personal vital force and energy flow, I strive to help you THRIVE once again!

Services Offered

My goal is to provide my clients with tangible tools to guide them through their healing process.

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